Basketball Court


Good morning, I hope and pray this email finds everyone healthy and safe. Many of you have been reaching out inquiring about the status of the 2021 season and I apologize for not returning your emails in a more timely fashion.

The Board has decided it is in the best interest of the community and for the safety of all our children, families, referees and park staff, to forego the 2021 basketball season.

This would have been the NBL‘s 16th season, however after many virtual conversations with our Chicago Park District partners and with the guidance of many Medical Professionals, the Board feels this is the best decision.

The NBL was created in 2005 as a grass roots, volunteer based basketball league consisting of eight 5th grade teams. Back then the teams also engaged in a variety of community service projects on the northside during the season. Today the league has expanded to include 130 teams¬† and 1,500 players, and multiple schools from a wide array of neighborhoods participate. It is unfortunate that the games will not be played this year because of the health crisis. However, consistent¬† with NBL‘s origins, we are considering the feasibility of various simple, safe, and socially distanced volunteer initiatives that coaches and players could participate in to give back to the neighborhoods we play and live in.

We pray that things turn around and we as a people overcome this pandemic soon, so those that have suffered are made whole again in some capacity.

Stay Safe and be Well.

Juan Gonzalez