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Game Play Rules

Ball size:  Intermediate size ball (28.5 inch) will be used in Boys 4th and 5th and all girls divisions. Boys 6th, 7th, and 8th grade will use a regulation size basketball (29.5 inch).  Either team will provide the game ball.

Three PointersThree point shots are allowed.

Game Time:  Games will consist of two 20-minute halves running time; except the last 2 minutes of the 2nd period.  Clock stops on all whistles during the final 2-minutes of the game.  Half-time is 2 minutes. Clock will be stopped during half-time and during time-outs.  The clock continues to run during free throws. Teams may use the court to warm up between games if there is time before the next schedule start time but games should begin at the posted game time and should not be delayed for team warm ups.

Jump Ball:  A jump ball will occur at the start of the game.  Alternate possession will be awarded thereafter.  Each O/T period will start with a jump ball.

Time Outs:  Each team will be allowed 2 time outs per half.  They do not carry over.  One additional time out will be given for each O/T.  Coaches can call time outs. Time outs are 1 minute long.

Bonus Free Throw:  Will be awarded on the 7th team foul in each half.  Double bonus is awarded on the 10th team foul of the half.  Note:  The free throw line will be 2 feet shorter in 4th grade boys and 4th grade girls divisions. The lane spaces closest to the end line remains vacant.

Movement after a Free Throw Release:  Players at all ages can leave marked lane spaces when the shooter releases the ball. The shooter and players beyond the 3-point line must wait until the ball hits the rim.

Intentional Fouls:  Two free throws will be allowed to the fouled player and possession of the ball will be awarded to the fouled team at the point nearest the infraction.  (If committed in the act of shooting, 2 points will be awarded for the basket if made.)

Technical Fouls:  A coach who receives a technical foul forfeits his right to stand while coaching. Any player or coach who receives 2 technical fouls will be ejected from the game and suspended for the following game.

Ejections:  Any coach or player who is ejected for any reason will also be suspended for the following game.

Forfeit Time:  If a team is more than 20 minutes late for their game, a “FORFEIT” may be called.  Due consideration should be given for weather or other extenuating circumstances.

Full Court Press:  Is allowed in the 6th-8th grade boys divisions and 7th-8th grade girls divisions at any point in the game. In 4th-5th boys and 3rd-6th girls divisions, press is only allowed during the last 2 minutes of each period.  In all divisions, if a team has a 10-point lead anytime during the game, no press is allowed until the lead is less than 10 points.

Overtime:  Each O/T period will be 2 minutes and will begin with a jump ball.

Inbounding:  A full 5 seconds is allowed a player to inbound the ball.  A ball is deemed inbounded upon its release from the inbounding player.

Substitution:  Substitutes have to wait until the administration of the 2nd free throw on multiple throws before entering.  They may come in on the first free throw on a 1 & 1.  Substitutes must wait until beckoned by referees. All substitutes must report to the scorer's table before entering game.

Coaching Box:  Coaches must remain within the confines of their bench area at all times. The head coach is the only coach permitted to stand during game play.

Uniforms:  All players must be in matching uniforms. In the event that two teams have the same color jersey, the home team will be required to wear "pinnies."

Scorekeeping & Scoreboard:  Each team is REQUIRED to provide one parent or elder sibling (minimum age 16) to sit at the scorekeepers table to keep track of team fouls, personal fouls, and points scored on the scoresheet as well as to help run the scoreboard.  If a parent cannot be provided, then an assistant coach may take over these duties, but the scorekeeper must sit at the score table and cannot coach or yell out during the game. Coaches must provide scoresheet with roster prior to start of game.  Link to print SCORESHEET.

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