Junior Ref Program

The 2024 NBL season is quickly approaching and we are looking for new Junior referees. We have been running this program for almost 14 years now and have had great success with it. The program teaches teens to referee basketball in a competitive environment while under the guidance of experienced referees.

Junior referees (boys and girls in 8th grade or older) are paired with adult referees and they officiate games together.  Apprentices will be partnered with different IHSA officials throughout the season so they receive several different perspectives on officiating.

  • Schedules are flexible and referees-in-training are able to work anywhere from two to four games on a given day. There are games every day of the week including Sunday, so there are many opportunities to officiate.
  • Junior Refs are expected to maintain their schedule and communicate and take on full responsibilities of officiating basketball.
  • Junior referees are paid $20 per game and games last about one hour.
  • There will be one mandatory training session.
  • Junior refs must bring a whistle (whistle link) and their own referee shirt (shirt link) to their assigned games.

If you know anyone in 8th grade or older who is interested in this program, please have them contact Josh Locks,  the NBL Director of Referees, at JBlocks6@gmail.com or 773-519-0721.