Northside Basketball League

Northside Basketball League

Welcome to the 2022 NBL Season!!!

We are looking forward to seeing our kids playing basketball again. With that being said there is still a level of safety and caution that we must all follow:

  1. NBL is following all CDPH, IDPH, CPS and CCYL vaccination, testing and mask mandates and protocols.
  2. All players, coaches, refs and spectators must be fully masked during all games. This means masks must be worn over nose and mouth, not under the nose, around the chin or as a necklace.
  3. Coaches will be responsible for enforcing this on their own teams, we need to set the example.
  4. Spectator guidelines:
    • RPMS Court – No Spectators
    • Chicago Parks – Spectators are allowed preferably 1 spectator per player
    • No Food or Beverages of any kind are allowed inside the Gyms


Stay Safe and Be Well.

Juan Gonzalez


Need the Official Game Play Rules?

Updated January 2022

NBL Code of Conduct

NBL promotes fair, fun, safe, and competitive play. We insist on good sportsmanship and have a zero-tolerance policy for questioning ref calls.

We ask NBL participating teams (coaches, parents & kids) to set a positive tone at games to model for our children.

The NBL Code of Conduct:

- Be respectful to the referees, coaches and players

- Do not argue a referee's call

- Applaud good play for both teams

- Display sportsman-like conduct at all times

- Read and adhere to the league's rules and blowout guidelines


Thank you for your help and support! You make NBL a great league!

Positive Coaching Alliance

The NBL is a proud supporter of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)!  The PCA's mission is as follows:

Positive Coaching Alliance is a national non-profit developing “Better Athletes, Better People” by working to provide all youth and high school athletes a positive, character-building youth sports experience. Learn more in this short video.

Please mark your calendars, we will only be hosting one event:

November, Exact Time and Location TBD.

We expect all of our NBL coaches to undergo Double-Goal coach training prior to the start of the 2022 season, to honor the game, and to embrace the principles of the Positive Coaching Alliance in their coaching style.  A PCA workshop will be available to all NBL coaches at no cost. Online PCA resources will also be made available to parents so NBL parents can be Positive Sports Parents.

Community Service

NBL supports our community.  Each team is asked to participate in a community service project of their choice each season. Service projects for players are identified, arranged, coordinated, and supervised independently by the team coaches and/or parents. Service can be anything from picking up trash in a park or public space, collecting and donating items to those in need, volunteering time at a soup kitchen or food pantry, or spending time visiting with senior citizens over the holidays. Participation is voluntary but encouraged.

NBL also supports our community through support of these organizations.  Where possible, volunteer opportunities are staffed by the children in our league.  At this time, NBL is looking for a volunteer to coordinate volunteer opportunities for our players. The time commitment is minimal.  Please reach out to Barb Monroe ( if you are at all interested in this important and fulfilling role.