Basketball and net

Welcome to the 2022 NBL Season!!!

We are looking forward to seeing our kids playing basketball again. With that being said there is still a level of safety and caution that we must all follow:

  1. NBL is following all CDPH, IDPH, CPS and CCYL vaccination, testing and mask mandates and protocols.
  2. All players, coaches, refs and spectators must be fully masked during all games. This means masks must be worn over nose and mouth, not under the nose, around the chin or as a necklace.
  3. Coaches will be responsible for enforcing this on their own teams, we need to set the example.
  4. Spectator guidelines:
    • RPMS Court – No Spectators
    • Chicago Parks – Spectators are allowed preferably 1 spectator per player
    • No Food or Beverages of any kind are allowed inside the Gyms


Stay Safe and Be Well.

Juan Gonzalez