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Director of Finance

ASSISTANT POSITION OPEN!  (A volunteer is needed to learn the established system in order to be able to take over the role in future seasons.)


Timeframe: October – May

Hours per week: 0-2

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing league budget (template from previous years exists)
  • Facilitate team payments via online payment & registration link (TeamSnap system) to approximately 100+ confirmed teams

o   Track payments (online via TeamSnap)

o   Collect and deposit checks (for offline payments)

o   Send follow up email reminders to collect payments before deadlines

  • Issuing facility payments, along with confirmation letters
  • Coordinate all payments with NBL Bookkeeper so payments can be recorded in our financial system.
  • Purchase league insurance via online system and in coordination with League Administrator
  • Track expenses with Bookkeeper and issue payments for any other league expenses during the remainder of season.
  • Facilitate the completion of 501C-3 filing with outside accounting services
  • Ensure proper annual tax filing as 501C-3 entity (easy once we are a 501C-3 and we are hiring outside services to obtain this status)

Required Skills:

  • Must be extremely detail oriented
  • Financial experience a plus, but not required
  • A plus to be familiar with online systems – or comfortable learning a new online application
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