Division Schedule Manager

POSTIONS OPEN!  (Each NBL division requires a Division Schedule Manager each season.)

Timeframe: October – March

Hours per week: 1-2 pre-season (Oct-Dec), <1 during season (Jan-Mar)

Responsibilities include:

  1. Participate in one mandatory pre-season NBL volunteers' meeting in November to coordinate the upcoming season
  2. Once teams are confirmed and payments received, gym time will be assigned to your division and you will need to develop round robin schedules with your NBL Division Commissioner, making accommodations if necessary to facilitate the best competitive play for a variety of team skill levels
  3. Book all games for the division in TeamSnap and notify division coaches
  4. Organize PLAYOFF Brackets, based on standings, with your Division Commissioner; coordinate playoff game times based on your division's court allotments during the last two weeks of season.  Submit playoff brackets to League Administrator to post on website, and communicate to teams in your division.  Coordinate updating playoff brackets during playoffs with League Administrator.
  5. Throughout the season, with Commissioner Access granted to you in TeamSnap, act as point person for division schedule conflicts/changes. Process outlined below:
    • You should see your entire division when you login to TeamSnap  (NBL Girls 4th, for instance)
    • Once you click on it, you will see a SCHEDULE tab, that gives you access to all the division’s games.  This also powers the schedule information on our public website at www.nblchicago.com. (a note of caution here – these schedules represent months of work, fine tuning and many peoples schedules are contingent upon them.  Do not make any changes without checking, double checking and over-communicating any & all changes to teams and referees)
    • There is also a MESSAGE tab.  This is how you will communicate with any/all of the teams in your division.  You will only be using the Managers distribution for the most part.  It is the coach/managers responsibility to communicate with their teams.  But if you have a message that you know should go to all players/families in the division, you can distribute to them too.  In the past, many of the players on the teams did not have email addresses, but email addresses for all participants are now being requested each season.

Rules for Schedule Changes:

  1. You will confirm any changes with Josh Locks (our Director of Referees) and all involved teams.
  2. We DENY schedule changes for convenience.  With over 110 teams, 55 games per week, refs scheduled, and an apprentice ref program with high school students scheduled too, too many people are affected.   So if a coach has to travel for work or their child has a conflicting something or other and they can’t field a team, their first option is to forfeit.
  3. If makeup time is available, you can schedule a makeup game on a case by case basis. Sometimes the stars align and it’s possible.  Usually not.
  4. Sometimes the cancelling coach has a court they offer, but, due to the logistics of scheduling refs, obtaining facility insurance converage, etc, this appraoch is generally no longer an option.
  5. Sometimes events occur that are out of our control – hoops break, gyms flood, snow storms rage - and in all these cases, games might get cancelled.  If this occurs, we will work with you to find makeup time based on the special event, or in the worst case, just cancel the games.  The most important thing is that teams are notified and you will be the first line of communication in these cases.

In every case of a game change or cancellation, the following things have to happen:

  1. The change must be coordinated and approved by both teams and Director of Referees!
  2. The game in TeamSnap must be updated using the SCHEDULE tab
  3. Messages must be sent via TeamSnap to affected teams, using the MESSAGE tab (there is a check box to Notify Teams of changes, which you should always check if you change a game)
  4. You must double check your work by checking the change on the public website at nblchicago.com
  5. Track game scores from coaches of division on a weekly basis and enter them in TeamSnap in order to keep website standings up to date. Weekly activity involves:
  6. Collecting weekly game scores (email reminders to coaches if needed)
  7. Login to TeamSnap, select the SCHEDULE tab, and update the SCORE for each team.
  8. Check your work by going to nblchicago.com and making sure the STANDINGS tab is correct.