Community Service Liaison


Timeframe: October – March

Hours per week: 1-2 preseason (Oct-Dec), <1 during season (Jan-Mar)

Responsibilities include:

  • Confirming volunteer dates and volunteer opportunity descriptions with Lakeview Pantry and Common Pantry coordinators and/or other volunteer opportunities
  • Developing an online signup for the NBL using or something similar – listing all the volunteer descriptions and signup dates
  • Sending regular reminders to league to generate interest and encourage community service signups
  • Sending confirmation emails to signed up families/teams – copying the appropriate Pantry coordinator, prior to volunteer opportunities
  • If interest exists and if time permits, plan a “Day of Champions” or other NBL event can be arrange to collect goods for donation

    • This is a one day NBL event that hosts the championship games for all of the NBL divisions or a shoot-out for one specific division or other

      • Work with League Directors and Administrators to determine and finalize venue
      • Plan timeline for games and overall event and coordinate needs with Director of Referees
      • Work within a pre-determined budget from Director of Finance to get the most for the money
      • Determine food and beverage needs for event and coordinate all that is required

Skills Required

  • Must be extremely detail oriented
  • Must be able to coordinate an event and handle all associated details